Crazy Chino Wearin Chica (mentalnutjob) wrote in oral,
Crazy Chino Wearin Chica

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Okay lets get this trivial bullshit out of the way first..blah blah blah first time post..yada yada yada massive oral fixation..there we got the basics..can i say somethin real quick? that sailor_luna chick...uh cyber sex right? uuuh okay..never saw the purpose to it..but thats my own opinion..did make for an interesting read..right bout now im like craving something or someone to bite and there's no one around to do it to so yeah im sorry if im acting like a BITCHn
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Sounds like a good reason to dive for bait to me! When does the boat leave?
right now..wanna jump on board n sail around the world with me? ;) (no im not cranky now i got somethin to suck on :O )i
I can't decide if you are all bark or all bite!

I'm hungry... Let's go. You can nibble after dinner
She's sucking on my huge erect cock