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A joke with some oral bits in it!

A man is staying at a hotel,he is on business,he asks one ov the staff one day if they can get him a beautiful woman,he says "Yeah I can do that for you sir,when do you want her?"

"Tonight if you can!?"


That night he hears a rapping on the door,when he opens it he sees the most gorgeous woman ever,she says

"What can I do you for sir?"

"Uhmmm I fancy some hand releif,are you very good at that?"

She says to him"Follow me,open the curtains and what car do you see parked down there?"

"A Bentley V-8!"

"Thats because I am good at hand relief!"" I got given that for being that good at it!"

So he lays back,and has a damn good time!

He asks her back the next night.

Knock on the door,there she is

"What do you want from me tonight sir?"

"How about oral sex?,are you any good at that?"

"follow me,open the curtains,what do you see besides the Bentley V-8?"

"A coffee bar!"

"Yep thats how good I am at oral sex,ok?"" I bought that from my earnings!"

So he lays back,has an even better night!

He asks her back the next night!

Tap,tap on the door he opens it,there she is,still stunning!

"What delight does sir want tonight?"

"I fancy some pussy,you any good at that?"

"Follow me!"he opens the curtain............"Whats beside the coffee bar?"

"A branch ov Tescoes",damn you dont own them do you?"

"Well perhaps if I had a pussy!"
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